Sunday, December 8, 2013

Accuquilt 2.5" Strip die review

I had a chance to mark my 2.5 inch strip die today.  I used a silver sharpie and made my line just inside of the blades at each end and 1/4 inch away on each side.  I then marked lines 2.5 inches away all the way down the die.  Because of the length of the die, one of the lines is not quite 2.5 inches.

I prepared my fabric by cutting an 8 inch strip off my yardage.  I starched and ironed it and then refolded.  When placing on the die, I lined up the edge of my fabric with the silver line at the top.  My first cut was perfect!  My second cut was not…..A very important thing to remember, make sure you roll the die through with the side that you lined the fabric up on.  I did it the opposite way and the fabric shifted.  And this is what I got.  The piece of fabric shifted too much and it went off of the blade.

When you put it through the proper way, you get perfect 2.5 inch strips!

I cut up some black strips and then placed them on my horizontal lines to create 2.5 inch squares.  It was so easy to line the fabric up and took less then a minute to get tons of 2.5 inch squares!

 If I had to rotary cut all these squares, it would have taken me much longer.

And this is what I made with my strips and squares

I really don't know why I waited so long to use my strip die.  The strips were perfect and took no time at all to cut.  For those of you who have this die, get it out, mark it and start cutting!  If you are thinking about ordering one, what are you waiting for?  You will love it!

Happy Quilting,

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