Monday, December 16, 2013

Celtic Solstice Mystery quilt

I am working on Bonnie Hunter's newest mystery quilt called Celtic Solstice.  I decided to go with different colors then she chose because I want to keep it for myself and I need to love the colors.

I was able to complete clue #1 with not much trouble. For the small quilt, we had to make 92 units with orange (my burgundy) and 96 units with neutral background.    I had it done before the second clue came out.

For clue 2, we had to make chevrons.  For the small quilt, I needed to make 100 chevrons.  I am still working on this clue.  I had trouble in the beginning making these little buggers.  None of mine were coming out properly.  I tried to do it using the method that Bonnie suggested but they were not measuring out properly.  In the end, I found using the 3.5 x 2 inch center piece and cutting the corner pieces out with my accuquilt cutter, they would come out perfectly.  I have less then 30 to go!

Clue #3!  I think Bonnie was being nice to us knowing that clue 2 was going to be a bear!  For clue 2, we had to make half square triangles and then make 25 pinwheels.  I used a paper pieced method that I found online at Quilting and What not blog.  I am half way done with this clue.

I am hoping to have both clue 2 and 3 done by this Friday when clue 4 comes out.  So far, I am loving my colors and look forward to seeing what this quilt becomes!

Don't forget to check out everyone's progress here!

Happy Quilting,
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